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Name Content
KIF Research Paper Provides insight into major domestic and foreign financial and economic issues using theoretical/statistical analysis or suggests new policies or improvement direction for the existing policies through political logical analysis
KIF Working Paper Published when only approved it is worth issued for the purpose of knowledge sharing in advance to the official publication (Formerly known as the “Financial Research Working Paper”)
KIF VIP Report Provides implications for timely financial and economic issues through systematic research or analysis (Formerly known as the “KIF VIP Series”)
KIF Financial Analysis Report Conducts systematic analysis and provides significant political implications for financial and economic issues and future tasks
KIF Financial Resarch Report Provides useful and timely insight into domestic and foreign policy schemes through systematic research or analysis
KIF Research Collection Presents in-depth research results of a given topic by integrating multi perspectives of more than one author with superb academic leadership and expertise
Other Reports Includes all reports published by the KIF excluding the ones hereinabove, whether it be publicly open or in the form of hard copy

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