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The amplification effect of financial constraints on industry downturn KIF Research Paper Lee et al.
Management of Non-Banks' Real Estate Project Financing Risks Reports Shyn et al.
Executive Tenure and Firm Performance: Evidence from Korean Insurance Companies KIF Research Paper Sukho Lee et al.
The effect of macroprudential policies on banks: In case of Korea KIF Working Paper Philip Inyeob Ji
Corporate Distress Probability Prediction Model Using Machine Learning Model and Non-Financial Information - Focusing on Carbon Emission Information, ESG Performance and Analyst Coverage KIF Working Paper Jeong Hwan Lee et al.
Comparison of policy responses and banks' performance during crisis: Global Financial Crisis vs. COVID-19 Crisis Reports Kim et al.
Turning Points Prediction Model Reports Kim et al.
Quasi-Money Stablecoins and Private Money Issuance Reports Myong-Hwal Lee
Overseas Cases of Private Debt Adjustment Business and Its Implications KIF Working Paper Han et al.
Regional Finance Status and Implications for Development: Focusing on Credit Unions KIF Working Paper Nahm et al.
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