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Create Your Own Valuation KIF Working Paper MINMO GAHNG
Attention to Detail : Learning About Mergers KIF Working Paper Adam L. Aiken et al.
The Sensitivity of Cash Savings to the Cost of Capital KIF Working Paper Viral V. Acharya et al.
Tax Cuts, Firm Growth, and Worker Earnings : Evidence from Small Businesses in Canada KIF Working Paper Yige Duan et al.
Artificial Intelligence, Jobs, and Performance in Banking KIF Working Paper Ye Ji Kee et al.
Designing Agile Banking Supervision KIF Working Paper Jeong Ho (John) Kim et al.
A Study on the Advancement of the Human Resource Management System of Korean Domestic Banks KIF Research Paper Kim Woojin et al.
An analysis of problematic credit card debt in Korea KIF Research Paper Soo Jin Lee
Domestic Banks' Deposit and Asset Productivity: Focusing on Deposit Market Competition KIF Research Paper Heung Jin Kwon
The Amplification Effects of Firms' Financial Constraints on Industry Downturns KIF Research Paper Bomi Lee
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