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KIF Financial Analysis Paper(2015~2022)

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  • 제목 : 은행 예금금리와 대출금리의 비대칭적 반응 분석과 시사점
  • 저자 : 이대기, 김우진, 구본성
  • 발간연월 : 2022-03
  • 면수 : 67
  • 키워드 :

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
The Analysis of asymmetric responses of banks' deposit and loan rates and its implications Taiki Lee et al. 2022-05
The Change in Business Behavior of Korean Savings Banks Before and After M&As: Based on the Analysis of Years 2016 - 2017 Jung-Han Koo et al. 2022-04
Loan growth and stock return of banks: The case of Korean banks Young Do Kim 2022-03
Predicting Sudden Reversal of Export: An Application to COVID-19 Shock Minkee Song 2022-02
Consumer Trust Level in Korean Insurance Industry and Tasks Ahead Jaehyun Kim et al. 2022-01
US Policies toward China and the Supply Chains in Chinese Manufacturing Sector Chung-Han Kim 2021-07
Bank Lending and Industry Growth: the Case of Korean Banks Byungyoon Lee et al. 2021-06
History of Credit Rating Industry Regulation and Competition Policy Proposal Hyungjoon Ray Lim 2021-04
Building a sustainable merchant discount fee scheme in Korean credit card system Junghan Koo et al. 2021-05
Why and how to vitalize the financial investment in the intellectual properties Jieun Lee 2021-03
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