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  • 제목 : 코로나 위기 대응과 금융의 향후 과제
  • 저자 : 최흥식, 구본성
  • 발간연월 : 2021-11
  • 면수 : 60
  • 키워드 : 코로나, 한국금융

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
The Policy Responses to Covid-19 Crisis and the Future Tasks of Korean Financial Industry Heungsik Choe et al.November 2021 2021-06
Strengthening business conduct regulation to protect the users under Online Investment-linked Finance Act Junghan Koo et al.May 2021 2021-05
Banking Industry Outlook for 2021 and Tasks Ahead Bon Sung Gu et al.March 2021 2021-04
Review on the Credit Risk Evaluation and Corporate Restructuring Junghan Koo et al.March 2021 2021-03
BigTech and Financial Services: Key Issues and Policy Discourses Bon Sung GuFebruary 2021 2021-02
A study on default investment options of defined contribution style corporate pension scheme; global best practices and issues regarding future introduction in Korea Byung Duck KimJanuary 2021 2021-01
Unconventional Monetary Policy in Korea Min ChangDecember 2020 2020-18
BigTech Firms' Financial Services and Financial Stability Bomi LeeDecember 2020 2020-17
An Economic Paradigm Shift and Challenges in the Post Covid-19 World Dong-Hwan Kim et al.December 2020 2020-16
Are Banks Special as Ever? - Banks' Responses to the Proliferation of Digital Finance Byungyoon Lee et al.November 2020 2020-15
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