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  • 제목 : Create Your Own Valuation
  • 저자 : MINMO GAHNG
  • 발간연월 : 2023-07
  • 면수 : 77
  • 키워드 :

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
Regulatory Review for Introducing A Bank Agency System in Korea Dong Won Ko 2023-13
Structural Changes in Inflation Trends and Its Implications on Monetary Policy Chanwoo Lee 2023-12
The currency composition of international investment in the age of geopolitics. Bokyeong Park et al. 2023-11
Korean Life insurer's Foreign Exchange(FX) Hedging Behavior and FX Regulation Joonwhan Im 2023-10
Direction of economic policy toward North Korea in the era of U.S.-China strategic competition Jo et al. 2023-09
Create Your Own Valuation MINMO GAHNG 2023-08
Attention to Detail : Learning About Mergers Adam L. Aiken et al. 2023-07
The Sensitivity of Cash Savings to the Cost of Capital Viral V. Acharya et al. 2023-06
Tax Cuts, Firm Growth, and Worker Earnings : Evidence from Small Businesses in Canada Yige Duan et al. 2023-05
Artificial Intelligence, Jobs, and Performance in Banking Ye Ji Kee et al. 2023-04
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