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  • 제목 : 국내은행의 예금 및 자산생산성: 예금시장 경쟁을 중심으로
  • 저자 : 권흥진
  • 발간연월 : 2023-04
  • 면수 : 103
  • 키워드 :

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
Stock Market Stabilization Fund: Cases and Policy Suggestions Min-Kyu SongDEC 2023 2023-07
The Fit and Proper Test for Officers of Financial Institutions in Overseas Countries and Its Implications Young Kyung LeeNOV 2023 2023-06
A Study on the Advancement of the Human Resource Management System of Korean Domestic Banks Kim Woojin et al.JUN 2023 2023-05
An analysis of problematic credit card debt in Korea Soo Jin LeeMAY 2023 2023-04
Domestic Banks' Deposit and Asset Productivity: Focusing on Deposit Market Competition Heung Jin KwonAPR 2023 2023-03
The Amplification Effects of Firms' Financial Constraints on Industry Downturns Bomi LeeMAR 2023 2023-02
Executive Tenure and Firm Performance: Evidence from Korean Insurance Companies Sukho Lee et al.JAN 2023 2023-01
Forecasting the Korean Economy with a Large-scale Bayesian VAR Choonsung Park et al.DEC 2022 2022-04
Maximum employment as a goal of monetary policy in Korea Min ChangDEC 2022 2022-03
An Empirical Analysis of SPACs' Performances in Korea and Policy Implications Haesik Park et al.DEC 2022 2022-02
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