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Finance VIP Series(2010~2012)

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  • 제목 : Evaluation on the Monetary Stabilization Account (Term Deposit Facility)
  • 저자 : Hyoung-Seok Lim
  • 발간연월 : 2012-05
  • 면수 : 29
  • 키워드 :

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
Evaluation on the Monetary Stabilization Account (Term Deposit Facility) Hyoung-Seok LimMAY 2012 2012-03
The Establishment of Alternative Trading System in Korea: Issues & Considerations Min-Kyu Song et al.MAY 2012 2012-02
Recent Inflation: Stylized Facts and Implication - Persistency and Volatility - Hyoung-Seok Lim et al.FEB 2012 2012-01
Securities Lending Market and Its Policy Implications Young Do KimDEC 2011 2011-09
Promotion Measures for International Equity Investment Ji Eun Lee et al.NOV 2011 2011-08
Improving Financial Product Disclosure, Centered on Comparative Disclosure Min-Kyu SongJUL 2011 2011-07
Introduction of a Financial Stability Contribution (Bank Levy) & its Policy Implications Sungwook Park et al.JUN 2011 2011-06
Financial Policy Tasks for Korea amid an Aging Society Byung-Duck Kim et al.MAY 2011 2011-05
Korean Banks' Job Field HRM Systems for Developing Financial Professionals Hyongsik NohMAR 2011 2011-04
Community Finance in Korea: Policy Directions Chan Woo JeongFEB 2011 2011-03
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