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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
The Role and Tasks of Finance in Achieving Net Zero Byungyoon LeeMar 17, 2023 23-06
The Effect of Easing Banks' Capital Regulation during Crisis and Its Policy Implications Heung Jin KwonMar 17, 2023 23-06
Overhaul Measures of Regulatory System on the Issuance and Circulation of Security Tokens: Key Points and Policy Implications Young Kyung LeeMar 17, 2023 23-06
The Current State of Policy Financing for Low-Income Households and Its Expected Role Jun-Tae ParkMar 17, 2023 23-06
The Structure and Risk Factors of CFO Hyungjoon Ray LimMar 17, 2023 23-06
Regulatory Revisions to Facilitate Prompt Recovery of Demand in Housing Market, Feb 2023 (FSC) Mar 17, 2023 23-06
The Sanctionary System in the Financial Sector and Restoration of Consumer Loss Sangche LeeMar 3, 2023 23-05
An Analysis of Deposit Banks' Interest Rates for Deposit-Taking and Lending Soo Jin LeeMar 3, 2023 23-05
An Analysis of Changes in Borrowers' Behavior since the Fall in Maximum Lending Rate in 2021 Soo Jin LeeMar 3, 2023 23-05
The Increase in Cancellation of Insurance Contracts and Its Policy Implications Sukho LeeMar 3, 2023 23-05
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