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Other Activities


The Korea Institute of Finance was founded to provide expert analysis for the development of Korea's financial sector and financial policy.

Other Activities

Breakfast Meeting With Bank Mangers

  • Managers of commercial and specialized bank and development institutions convene to exchange information and discuss current policy issues.

Policy Discussions on financial Issues

  • KIF invites government officials, academics, and executives from various financial institutions to pursue discussions on financial policy and to improve mutual understanding between the government and the financial sector.

International Symposia and Workshops

  • KIF hosts two or three international symposiums and workshops annually for discussion and exchange between members of the international financial and academic community; facilitates exchanges between academia, economic research institutions, and financial institutions; and invites distinguished scholars, policy makers, and bankers to hold international seminars.

Panel Discussions for Analysis of the Korean Economy

  • Joint research with academics on current issues concerning the Korean economy, and formulation of financial policy recommendations.

Weekly Seminars

  • Researchers at KIF exchange information and ideas about ongoing projects. Outside speakers are frequently invited to present the findings of their research.

Research Meetings for Banks

  • Jointly with members of the financial community, researchers at KIF present and discuss papers on various issues concerning banks.

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