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Research Staff


  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, May 2013.
  • B.A., Economics, Seoul National University, February 2007.


  • Director, Corporate Debt Research Center, Korea Institute of Finance, 2017 - present
  • Research Fellow, Macroeconomic Research Division, Korea Institute of Finance, 2013 - present
  • Research Fellow, Consumer Finance Division, Korea Institute of Finance, 2014
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin, 2009 - 2012

Research Interests

  • Macroeconomics, Firm Financing and Dynamics, SME policies, Corporate Restructuring, Population Aging and Household Finance

Working Papers

  • The Effects of Unexpected Longevity on Saving: Evidence from Korea, 2018
  • Size-dependent Regulations and Financial Friction in Incomplete Markets, presented at the 2018 FMA annual meeting in San Diego
  • The Effect of Unexpected Longevity on Intergenerational Policies and Fertility, with Jisoo Hwang, presented at the 2018 AASLE annual meeting in Seoul

Research Papers

  • Population Aging and Monetary Policy in a New-Keynesian OLG Model, KIF Research Paper, 2017
  • Economic Fluctuations and Banking Sector: A Unified Analysis with a Financial Sector Augmented DSGE model, with Myungkyu Shim and Choonsung Park, KIF Working Paper, 2017
  • Current Status and Policy Implications for Microfinance in Korea using Microfinance Consumer Survey Data, with Jung-Han Koo and KyooBok Lee, KIF Financial Analysis Report, 2016
  • Comprehending Corporate Restructuring: Corporate Walkout and Court Receivership, with Dong-Hwan Kim, Jung-Han Koo and Soonho Lee, KIF Policy Report, 2016
  • The Effects of Increase in Life Expectancy on Age-specific Propensity to Consume: Focusing on Old Ages, with Jean Lim, KIF research paper, 2015
  • The Trend in Corporate Leverage and Policies to Reduce Default Risks, with Bon-sung Gu and Young Do Kim, KIF research series, 2014

Commissioned Papers

  • KDB's Corporate Restructuring after the Global Financial Crisis: Evaluation and Improvement Plan, with Soonho Lee, Sanghoon Lee and Bong Geul Chun, Korea Development Bank (KDB), 2018
  • Improvement Plan on Debt Adjustment System of KODIT, with Jae-Youn Lee, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT), 2017
  • Mid- and Long-Term Business Strategies for HF, with Jae-Youn Lee and Yong-Sang Shyn, Korea Housing Finance Corporation (HF), 2015
  • The Impact of US Fed's Interest Rate Hike and Policy Implications, with Haesik Park and Minkee Song, National Economic Advisory Council, 2015
  • A Study on Life-friendly Policies of Foreign Financial Consumers Protection Agencies, with Jung-Han Koo, Soo Jin Lee, KyooBok Lee and Soonho Lee, Financial Services Commission, 2015
  • "The Incentive System of Foreign Financial Firms and Financial Consumer Protection," with KyooBok Lee, Financial Services Commission, 2014
  • Plan to Make the Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act a Permanent Legislation, with Jung-Han Koo, Dong-Hwan Kim and Su Geun Oh, Financial Services Commission, 2014
  • An Overview of Major Economies' Financial Supervisory System, with Hyoung-Seok Lim, Jong Sang Park and Soo Jin Lee, Financial Services Commission, 2014
  • A Study on Temporary Sales Restriction Scheme for Financial Instruments, with KyooBok Lee, Financial Services Commission, 2014


  • Best Paper Award, Korea Institute of Finance, 2015

Computer Skills

  • Fortran (MPI), MATLAB, STATA

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