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President's Message


The Korea Institute of Finance was founded to provide expert analysis for the development of Korea's financial sector and financial policy.


My sincerest welcome to you for visiting our Institute’s website.

The Korea Institute of Finance (KIF) was founded in 1991 as the first institute of its kind in Korea. In the years that have followed, the efforts of our team of leading scholars have propelled our institute to become Korea’s preeminent comprehensive financial research center, conducting policy research to further the development of Korea’s financial industry and working closely with financial institutions to boost their competitiveness.

Through in-depth research on both short- and long-term issues, the KIF seeks out future-oriented financial policy schemes and devises concrete, feasible strategies for the development of Korea’s financial industry.

In addition to these tasks, and in keeping pace with the changes in the international financial order, we shall greatly bolster our efforts to raise the general public’s understanding of, and address its curiosity regarding, today’s principal financial issues and to demystify the complex terminology of finance.

Our entire team is now doing its utmost to construct efficient and appropriate financial policy proposals that will help Korea overcome the present economic difficulties. We shall do our best to ensure that the KIF firmly holds onto its place in the eyes of the public as the most trusted and highly regarded institute for the advancement of Korea’s financial industry.
Thank you.
KIF President

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