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Structural Problems in Korean Economy: Wageless Growth and Paradox of Corporate Thrift KIF Financial Research Report Jongkyu Park
The Effect of Bancassurance Scheme on Enhancing Cost-Saving of Life Insurance Companies Based on Data Envelopment KIF Financial Research Report Sukho Lee
Analysis of Money-Move among Financial Sectors in Korea KIF Financial Research Report Young Do Kim and Christopher Byungho Suh
Change in Regulatory Environments of OTC Derivative Markets and Its Effect on Domestic Markets KIF Financial Research Report Young Do Kim
The Impact of the Changing Demographic Structure on Portfolio Investment and Its Policy Implications KIF Financial Research Report Sungwook Park et al.
Recent Trend of Financial Method Patents and Policy Implications KIF Financial Report Soonho Lee
Future Tasks of Korean SME Finance KIF Financial Report Sangho Sohn et al.
Review on Bancassurance in Korea and Policy Implications KIF Policy Research Paper Sukho Lee
Development of ICT and the Speed of Information Transfer in Stock Market KIF Financial Research Report Jaeyoon Park et al.
Policy Measures to Promote Low-income Finance KIF Policy Research Paper Sangho Sohn et al.
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