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A Study on the New Direction of Branch Performance Evaluation KIF Financial Report(2007~2018) Woojin Kim et al.
News Media Sentiment and Asset Prices: Text-mining approach KIF Working Paper Dong-Jin Pyo et al.
Digital Single Market and the Global Financial Stability KIF Working Paper Gongpil Choi
The Use of Virtual Currencies in Small-value Cross-border Remittances and its Implication KIF Working Paper Gongpil Choi
Economic Fluctuations and Banking Sector: a Unified Analysis with a Financial Sector Augmented DSGE model KIF Working Paper Myungkyu Shim et al.
Fintech as a Catalyst for Financial Inclusion KIF Working Paper Gongpil Choi
Real-Financial Linkages and Income Redistribution Effects before and after the Global Financial Crisis: A Financial Social Accounting Approach KIF Working Paper Hak K. Pyo et al.
On the Determinants of Surges and Stops in Foreign Loans: An Empirical Investigation KIF Working Paper Seung-Gwan Baek et al.
A Regional Repo Market Initiative for Global Financial Stability KIF Working Paper Gongpil Choi
Competitive Search Equilibrium in the Credit Market under Asymmetric Information and Limited Commitment KIF Working Paper Jae Eun Song
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