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An illusionary effect of age frames on job growth statistics KIF Research Paper Minkee Song
A review and implications of the Interim Note on "Toward function-based, cross-sectoral financial Regulations" by Japan Financial Services Agency Other Reports Jabonn Kim et al.
How the Dual Structure of Labor Market Affect Youth Employment in Korea Reports Chang et al.
Corporate debt risk & Bank loan loss -Merton model analysis- Reports Jieun Lee
Risks in Leveraged Loan and CLO Market and Policy Implications Reports Haesik Park et al.
Estimating Global Systemic Risk Using the G-SIBs' CDS Premium Data KIF Research Paper Geung-Hee Lee and Myong-Hwal Lee
Regional Development and Role of Finance Other Reports S. Andes et al.
Debt Structure of Korean Self-Employed and Policy Implications Reports Jeong Ho Suh et al.
Fintech Moving More into Payment and Settlement Market and Its Implication Reports Jeong Ho Suh et al.
Real Estate Related Shadow Banking in Korea and The Need for Tailored Risk Management Reports Yongsang Shyn
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