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KIF Financial Analysis Report

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  • 제목 : 기업부채 리스크와 은행대출 건전성-Merton 모델을 중심으로-
  • 저자 : 이지언
  • 발간연월 : 2019-06
  • 면수 : 34

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
Korean Banks' Core Deposit Valuation and Related Issues Kim et al. 2019-03
The Comparative Legal Research of the Proportionality Principle in Securities Regulations Kim et al. 2019-02
Corporate debt risk & Bank loan loss -Merton model analysis- Jieun Lee 2019-01
Bank's Liability Cycle Management by Non-Depository Liability Kim et al. 2018-01
Competition in the Korean Banking Market and Its Policy Implications Jeong Ho Suh 2016-04
Current Status and Policy Implications for Microfinance in Korea Using Microfinance Consumer Survey Data Jung-Han Koo et al. 2016-03
A Comparative Analysis on Business Performance of Insurance Companies Owned(or Controlled) by Financial and Industrial Capitals Sukho Lee 2016-02
Key Issues and Policy Implications of Account Switching Service: focusing on the case of the UK Woojin Kim et al. 2016-01
Branches of Korean Banks : Changes and its Determinants Lee Yoonsok 2015-01
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