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  • 제목 : 레버리지론 및 CLO 시장의 위험과 시사점
  • 저자 : 박해식, 오태록
  • 발간연월 : 2019-05
  • 면수 : 112

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
North Korea's Financial Development: Issues and Implications from Vietnamese Financial Reform Haesik Park et al.Novemebr 2019 2019-12
Analysis of fees and commissions structure of occupational pensions in Korea KIM BYUNG DUCKOctober 2019 2019-11
Recent Changes in Korea's Business Cycle and Policy Implications Min-Kyu Song et al.September 2019 2019-10
How the Dual Structure of Labor Market Affect Youth Employment in Korea Chang et al.June 2019 2019-09
Risks in Leveraged Loan and CLO Market and Policy Implications Haesik Park et al.May 2019 2019-08
Debt Structure of Korean Self-Employed and Policy Implications Jeong Ho Suh et al.March 2019 2019-07
Fintech Moving More into Payment and Settlement Market and Its Implication Jeong Ho Suh et al.March 2017 2019-06
Real Estate Related Shadow Banking in Korea and The Need for Tailored Risk Management Yongsang ShynFebruary 2019 2019-05
Region-based Growth and Financial Intermediation in Korea Bon Sung GuFebruary 2019 2019-04
Concerns and Issues in Corporate Workouts in Korea and Policy Implications Junghan KooFebruary 2019 2019-03
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