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  • 제목 : G-SIB CDS 프리미엄을 이용한 글로벌 시스템 리스크 측정
  • 저자 : 이긍희, 이명활
  • 발간연월 : 2019-04
  • 면수 : 134

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
Study on the Effect of Key Information Document: Behavioral Approach Christopher Byungho Suh et al.November 2019 2019-03
An illusionary effect of age frames on job growth statistics Minkee SongJuly 2019 2019-02
Estimating Global Systemic Risk Using the G-SIBs' CDS Premium Data Geung-Hee Lee and Myong-Hwal LeeApril 2019 2019-01
A Study on Introduction of Reverse Mortgage Using Securitization in the Capital Market Young Do Kim et al.December 2018 2018-07
A Comprehensive Analysis on the Effects of Bancassurance in Korea Sukho Lee et al.November 2018 2018-06
Macroprudential Effects and Implications of Bank Loan-to-Deposit Regulation: An Analysis with a Focus on the Procyclicality of Bank Loans Kim et al.SEP 2018 2018-05
Competition and Risk-Taking in Korean Mutual Savings Banks Taehoon YounFEB 2018 2018-04
The Impact of External Assets and Liabilities on FX Market Liquidity Sungwook ParkJuly 2018 2018-03
A study on consumers’ optimal choice of going to college and among student financing schemes in Korea. Byung Duck KimApril 2018 2018-02
Mortgage Dynamics and Borrower Characteristics in Korea: An Empirical Analysis of Debt and Defaults Choonsung Park et al.March 2018 2018-01
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