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  • 제목 : 일본 기능별·횡단적 규제체계의 중간정리에 대한 평가와 정책적 시사점
  • 저자 : 김자봉, 노형식
  • 발간연월 : 2019-07
  • 면수 : 145

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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
A review and implications of the Interim Note on "Toward function-based, cross-sectoral financial Regulations" by Japan Financial Services Agency Jabonn Kim et al.July 2019
Regional Development and Role of Finance S. Andes et al.April 2019
Utilizing Alternative Credit Data to Help Those With Little or No Credit History Data Yukun Hahm et al.JAN 2019
The Economic and Financial Outlook for 2019 KIFJanuary 2019
The Effect of Automation and ICT Capital on Labor Market Outcomes in Financial Industry: Evidence from the U.S. Myungkyu Shim et al.December 2018
Understanding of ICO Hong Ki HoonDecember 2018
Household Debt Risk in Korea : Evaluation and Policy Responses Jean Lim et al.February 2018
Financial support for boosting enterprise-led rental housing supply Yong_sang Shyn et al.February 2017
Role of Art Finance in Developing Art Market in Korea Hong Ki HoonDecember 2016
Financial status of Korean firms in the second half of 2015 Seok Ki KimNovember 2016
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