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Subject Date
「4th Industrial Revolution & the Future of Finance, Talent Development」Conference 2017-11-07
「Convergence of Financial Services and 4th Industrial Revolution: Regulatory Responses」Conference June 29th, 2017
「Policy Responses to Rising Household Debt: An International Perspective」Conference June 28th, 2017
「Korea`s Economic Challenges in a New Global Environment」Conference 22 May 2017
Robert C. Merton Seminar 19 Jan 2017
The Fourth Industry Revolution and the Future of Finance: Technology, Data, Regulation and Compliance 21 Nov 2016
The Global Economic Turbulence and Policy Prescriptions for Korea 30 Jun 2016
Japanese Bank`s Recovery from the Crisis: Challenges and Lessons 2015-03-03
Korea Institute of Finance - The World Bank Joint Conference 3 July 2014
KIF-Bruegel Joint Conference: The Eurozone Crisis and Its Impact on the Global Economy 16 Jan 2013
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