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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
The Effect of Foreign Capital Inflow on Inflation Young Jun Choi et al.March 2018 32-1
Financial Market Variables as Predictors of Korea's Real Economic Activity Ki-Beom Kim et al.March 2018 32-1
Job Creation and Destruction of Small and Large Plants Over the Business Cycle Chunsoo Jung et al.March 2018 32-1
An Empirical Analysis of Asymmetries in the Term Structure of Korean Government Bonds Using CCR-CUSUM Test Ki-Ho Kim et al.March 2018 32-1
An Informative Independence of Investor Sentiment Indices in the KOSPI 200 Options Market Moon-Hyoung Lee et al.March 2018 32-1
Central Bank Mandates and Macroeconomic Performance Joonkyung HaDecember 2017 31-4
The Effects of Fintech Prepaid Services on Competition and Stability in Banking Jae-Joon Han et al.December 2017 31-4
Foreign Investors and Volatility in the Local Currency Bond Market?Korea's Case Joon Myoung WooDecember 2017 31-4
The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities on the Stock Return Volatility Eunjung YeoDecember 2017 31-4
Studies of the Effects of Investor Education on Financial Capability Jeong-Kook Son et al.December 2017 31-4
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