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Title Author/Date Vol. No. Attachment
Monetary Policy and the Bank of Korea Kyungsoo KimSEP 2017 31-3
The Foreign Exchange System in Korea: A Literature Survey Daekeun ParkSEP 2017 31-3
Systemic Risk of Individual Institutions: A Structural Approach based on Cross-market Information Myeong-Hyeon Kim․ Baeho Kim․ Sangki AhnSEP 2017 31-3
Interconnectedness Among Financial Institutions Regarding Loan Behavior of Vulnerable Households and its Impact on Systemic Risk Junesuh YiSEP 2017 31-3
The Cost of Deposit Insurance under Systematic Jump Risks Chang Mo Ahn et al.SEP 2017 31-3
Bayesian Model Comparison for Stochastic Volatility Models of Short Term Interest Rates TaeHyung Kim& JeongMin ParkSEP 2017 31-3
The Returns of National Pension Fund and the Influence on its Fiscal Soundness Seungyeon WonJUN 2017 31-2
Value-Relevance of Corporate Real Estate Information: Empirical Study on the impact of Corporate Real Estate in Korea Capital Market Won Cheol Kang et al.JUN 2017 31-2
Different Effects of Debasement in the early Monetary Economy: The Case of Chosun Korea Period, 1678~1798 Heeho KimJUN 2017 31-2
Investor Sentiment in Derivatives Market and Forecasting Stock Returns Moon-Hyoung Lee et al.JUN 2017 31-2
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